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Consider Using a Part-time Controller Instead of a New Hire or Accounting Consultant

Part-time controllers (also known as interim executives, temporary executives, fractional executives, or super temps) have already enjoyed stellar VP-level careers in which they established accounting processes and management reports and restructured debt.

Now in their current careers these senior executives step into organizations like yours for a season to provide objective recommendations and work with your management team to deliver results – often in just three months. Unlike consultants, part-time controllers excel at implementation and department management.

Unlike the long recruiting process for a full time employee, a part-time controller with deep experience in your industry is usually available for duty within a week or two and will be goal, task, and results focused.

Part-time controllers are focused on delivering results in a short period of time, not securing their position and building power within the organization.

Bringing in a part-time controller is often the best solution for quickly adding critical finance expertise, filling a leadership gap, or providing additional bandwidth in the Accounting department.

Cerius interim executives from the finance field are highly skilled in areas such as these:

  • Accounting System Selection and Integration
  • Decision-making Indicators (Scorecards and Metrics)
  • Cash Flow Optimization
  • Accounting Best Practices
  • Financial Systems Improvement
  • GAAP, SEC, FAS and Financial Reporting
  • Financial Restructuring and Investment Strategies
  • IPO / Exit Preparation

Before hiring your next Controller or accounting consultant, ask to speak with one of our part-time controllers. You’ll recognize the difference immediately.

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