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June, 2011

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Economic Perspective

Painting the Correct Economic Picture
Investors and business owners know how to incorporate the unknown into their planning. So why is the ecomony slowing down?  The missing puzzle piece seems to be confidence. Rather, the restraint on the economy stems from the public’s perception that every issue or event will result in a negative outcome.  This overwhelming feeling of doubt, fear and distrust has caused a critical puzzle piece – confidence – to go missing. When people have hope, they are audacious. They spend, the build and they invest. While this year’s slowdown is very real, its underlying causes likely will have a more finite, positive duration than those of last year.

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CEO Confidence Index – Q2 2011
The pace of economic growth has slowed significantly since the start of 2011 and the slowdown is expected to continue into the start of 2012, according to a survey of CEOs of small-to-medium-sized businesses. The CEO Confidence Index was 92.9 in the Q2 2011 survey, substantially below the 105.2 posted in Q1, and erasing all the gains recorded since 93.7 was registered in Q1 2010. Though declines were present in every major survey component, the largest losses were in evaluations of the overall economy.

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Pam's Reading List

Unlike movies, I cannot always depend on whether what I am about to read will leave me laughing, up lifted, in tears or in horror.  Lately, I have had quite a few surprises but the one thing that is constant is the wealth and extent of information available.  I am never short on something to read.

CEO’s Grade The States
Investing In Your Business
Why your online contacts won't travel
PDF Top Business Issues in 2011
. CEO Perspecitve
. Pamela Wasley

“Deciding whether to put on the breaks or throttle forward”

by Pamela Wasley

Roller coasters are great at amusement parks but are not what I like to see in business.  However, this year seems like a bit more of a roller coaster than I was expecting and I am seeing it in what I read and the surveys that are coming out. We started off with a great first quarter and the confidence indexes were glowing. We saw CEO’s starting to invest more, M&A activity was bolting forward and the world seemed right again. The last couple of months began to bring on a different story with the CEO’s we are talking to and based on the recent surveys and indexes from ChiefExecutive.net and others. Just in the past couple of weeks we have seen yet another shift and things are off and going again. Despite the drop in economic confidence as the 2nd quarter and last month’s indexes show, we are seeing a rise again in companies moving forward and making investment decisions. Just in case, you are among those still on the fence, we have assembled an array of information to possibly help you make up your mind one way or another and join those moving ahead of the competition!

. CEO Talk

Steven Harper, CEO video


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Lynette Spano discusses some of the investments she has made despite market conditions knowing there is always a payoff when it involves your team.

. Case In Point - Results

From Classroom to Corporate Boardroom – It all starts with a business plan and an advisor
The rising popularity of the show Shark Tank has brought two key components of a successful business into the public view: Business Plans and Advisors.  This is best seen at the university level where students from all areas of the campus come together for a 12 week business plan competition.  We had the opportunity to interview a Dean from one of the rising stars in the ratings among business programs, Dean Andy Policano, The Paul Merage School at University of California, Irvine. 

Meet Dean Andy Policano, The Paul Merage School

A little research up front can save big down the road
When trying to decide what to do, you can never go wrong with the option that offers the least risk for the biggest reward.  Read about a company who brought on an Interim VP of Strategy to confirm the best way to enter a new market and ended up saving millions. A little investment up front can save a lot down the road.

PDF Low Risk, High Reward

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