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Cerius is the largest provider of interim executive management services with proven experience in helping small to medium-sized enterprises achieve their strategic and tactical business objectives. We are dedicated to enabling our customers to succeed with our results-oriented executives who bring broad industry and business experience, fill critical gaps in your management team, round out skill sets, or help deal with a crisis.

Through a deep resource pool comprised of over 500 executives, we offer a full services portfolio across all management disciplines from which we develop a customized interim executive solution tailored to your needs. You gain immediate access to a carefully selected skill set with the additional leverage of reach to the larger pool of Cerius executives -- to develop new strategies for growth, carry out organizational or cultural change, manage complex projects, or fill business-critical roles currently vacant.

Cerius delivers business value beyond the traditional management consulting approach through a select talent pool that has "lived the experience" you and your teams go through daily. This experience enables our executives to economically not only identify issues impacting your business, as a consultant would, but also know how to address them and implement solutions.

At Cerius, we measure our success by your company's success and achieve it through a collaborative effort with your management team. We have a long and consistent track record in providing hundreds of companies with established interim executives. Our customers are the best barometer of success: their satisfaction and continued reliance on us for repeated engagements attest to the consistent high quality of our services.

You too should consider a Cerius interim executive solution. Why?

Speed, Deep Experience and Accountability.

We start by working with you to understand your unique business needs and then choose the ideal interim executive to meet them, saving you the time required to screen multiple potential candidates. This enables you to tackle your opportunities or risks quickly. But that is just the beginning. Once the engagement starts, the skills and capabilities of this carefully screened executive are augmented by the deep experience of the Cerius interim executive team. Finally, we hold ourselves accountable through our account management process which ensures that your challenges are met, and that all subsequent phases are anticipated and handled.

Whether you are a growing business exploring a new business model, facing a merger or acquisition, or are planning to go public, when one of our executives joins your management team, you can expect the highest business standards and deep knowledge of best practices to whatever areas you seek to address in your business. The alternative of critical skills left unfilled exposes your company to competitive and financial risk. Cerius interim executives mitigate this risk and deliver the results your company needs.

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